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On-the-Job Accidents May Be Deadly

Highway construction zones pose unique dangers to construction workers. One recent wreck shows the potential tragedy posed by construction zones.

“This is a case we heard about from Indiana that involved the death of a construction worker who was filling potholes in a closed off area of the local expressway. It was officially listed as a hit-and-run because the driver of the car took off on foot, leaving the car behind. Police were called and had to mount a manhunt to locate the driver,” said Brooks Schuelke, an Austin personal injury lawyer.

This is a very unusual case and the police report has some speculation in it that the driver of the car who hit the construction worker was likely under the influence. The work site was plainly and clearly marked with signs, barrels blocking the roadway and blinking neon markers.

“Despite all the warnings, the driver of a 1993 Mercury Cougar plowed through the area and hit 45-year-old Mick Beutall (names have been changed to protect the victims) so hard that he smashed through the windshield of the car on impact. The body also hit the driver inside the car,” outlined Schuelke.

Beutall’s fellow workers formed a ring around the car to stop it from leaving the accident scene. This didn’t deter the driver, who hopped out and took off on foot across the highway. The police are certain they will track the person down since they have the car as evidence. “Once the suspect is in custody, they will try and answer some burning questions, such as why the driver went right through the marked construction site,” Schuelke commented.

“In this strange case, while it may be that the driver was under the influence of something, this could just as easily have been a mechanical problem with the brakes, a vision problem, a blown tire or the driver was distracted by something inside the car,” explained Schuelke. “The Beutall family may wish to speak to a qualified Austin personal injury lawyer about filing a wrongful death lawsuit. There is negligence involved here, one of the prerequisites for a personal injury lawsuit,” advised Schuelke.

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