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There are two sides to every big rig accident

While it may look like the big rig accident you’re seeing was the trucker’s fault; that might not be the case.

Usually, when people see a trucking accident, they immediately assume that the trucker was the one at fault. In some cases, that assumption might be accurate. In others, not so much. Perhaps the driver did make a mistake, but when it comes to big rig accidents, there are a number of behind-the-scenes people who may play a role in the overall big picture of a lawsuit filed by an Austin personal injury lawyer on behalf of an injured client.

Put another way, there just may be an entity behind the scenes liable for the conditions that led to the accident in the first place. For instance, companies that hire truckers are responsible for adhering to the rules and regulations governing big rig maintenance all the way through to driver behavior. Just about no stone is unturned in the industry to keep those rigs legal and running. If trucking companies fail in doing that, they might find themselves liable for any accidents or injuries that result from a wreck.

The industry is ripe with laws that are intended to govern how trucking firms treat their drivers and rigs. This is largely aimed at reducing the risk of accidents. The bottom line is that when a trucking company (employer) does not follow the laws laid out for them or acts in a manner that puts others in a precarious and dangerous position – something that could have been avoided had the rules been followed – the company has acted negligently.

That negligence may come in various forms, such as negligent hiring of truckers, not properly inspecting their vehicles, hours of service violations and failing to train a driver or not properly training a driver. These are the most common violations that trucking companies run afoul of on a fairly frequent basis. If a trucking firm’s negligence is found to have caused a wreck, the firm may be held liable for the victim’s damages and injuries.

In cases like this, the victims have rights – the right to seek counsel from a personal injury lawyer, the right to sue for damages and the right to compensation for their pain and suffering and injuries and other accident related costs. Some of the other costs that may be recovered by a skilled Austin personal injury lawyer are medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost income from work and disability payments. Your lawyer will advise you what is applicable in your particular case.

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