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What we can learn from D Magazine’s “My $25,000 Fender Bender"

Many of my fellow plaintiff’s lawyers are up in arms over a recent D magazine article purporting to tell the story of a claim and lawsuit after the author was involved in a “minor car accident.” The article, My $25,000 Fender Bender: How a minor car accident, a high-strung Ethiopian lawyer, a sick dog, an…

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Barratry, Solicitation and More: The Harassment of Accident Victims

The image that 90% of the population has of those of us that are personal injury lawyers is of some greedy jerk using deception or illegal tactics to pursue claims. For most of my brethren, that caricature couldn’t be further from the truth. But for some attorneys, it’s accurate, and it couldn’t be more disgusting.…

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The New York Times Tells The Story Behind "Independent" Medical Exams

A big issue in personal injury litigation is insurance companies’ use of hired guns to give opinions that our clients aren’t hurt. Sometimes the hired guns simply review our clients’ medical records and sometimes the hired guns actually “examine” our clients. Then the hired guns write reports saying that our clients aren’t injured. Insurance companies…

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