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VA Misses Mark In Brain Injury Research

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping a number of clients who have suffered from brain injuries.  And as I’ve written before, I hoped that one small benefit of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was that the Veterans Administration and others would use the opportunity to conduct meaningful research on brain injuries…

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Veterans At Higher Risk For Motor Vehicle Crashes

In an odd phenomenon, recent studies have shown that veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are at a much higher risk for car wrecks than the general population.  The studies have found: Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have a 75 percent higher rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents than do civilians (with a large portion of…

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Blackwater's Legal Malpractice Claim Is Thrown Out Again

I’ve chronicled the suit filed by Blackwater against its law firm, Wiley Rein. After losing a suit brought by the families of four employees who were killed in Iraq, Blackwater sued the firm saying that the firm committed legal malpractice by not invoking the proper statute in an effort to remove the suit from state…

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