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Did Deaths or Publicity Prompt Crib Recalls?

As you have probably heard, Simplicity and the Consumer Products Safety Commission have recalled over a million baby cribs after numerous children were injured or killed while using the cribs. But now, many are starting to ask whether the CPSC made the recall soon enough. The Chicago Tribune, which broke the story, had a startling…

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Sweatshop on Wheels

Trucking accidents are a concern for all drivers, but two new articles in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune really bring those dangers to light.  Each article highlights the dangers caused by truckers’ long work hours, though they both have different views on the cause of the long work hours. The Tribune article lays…

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Medical Malpractice: Costs for medical mistakes

In reviewing medical malpractice cases, we’re not really surprised by the rate of malpractice. But we are surprised by the number of medical providers that routinely bill patients and insurance companies for the care that went wrong and, even more appalling, for the care needed to correct the initial mistakes. In the past, individual patients…

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