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Paradise Lost: Tort Reform Goes International

I love white sand and blue water.  For example, I’m sitting in my office, and I have 11 pictures on my desk & bookshelf.  Five of those eleven pictures are of my wife and I or my kids on various white sand/blue water beaches.  A sixth is a post card that says “Peace. Love. Sandy…

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Text Messaging (And Twittering) While Driving

Regular readers of our blog probably know that some of our most popular posts on the site are posts about text messaging while driving.  As a result, early last year, I put together a resource page that gathered several article and studies on texting while driving.  Since that time, there have been numerous developments in…

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The Prevalence of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is always in the news in the US.  But the US is not alone in having a problem.  In the past week to ten days, there have been numerous news stories about international sexual harassment issues.  Topping the list are sexual harassment claims against members of the Israeli government.  The Israeli Justice Minister…

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