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Thanks For Your Support – Here’s Some Of Who You’re Helping

The support we get from our clients and referral sources allow us to support a number of other good causes both in Austin and around the world.  Today, I thought I would let you know about some of the programs you’re supporting.

  1. Friends of Scouting

As some you know, my son is a Boy Scout, and he’s had a number of great experiences through scouting.  He’s been to summer camps in California and Maine, and this year, he and I are going on a 10 day backpacking trip at the Scout mecca, Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

But we also know that too many kids don’t get those opportunities.  As a result, for the last few years, our firm has made significant donations to Friends of Scouting.  This group helps support Scouting opportunities for low income kids throughout Central Texas.  I hope some of these kids will get the same benefits that my son receives.  You can learn more about Scouting in the Central Texas area by clicking the link here.


  1. Justice For Our Neighbors

 Justice For Our Neighbors is a United Methodist Church based non-profit that provides free or low cost legal services on immigration related issues to immigrants.  I was one of three co-founders who helped bring JFON to Austin three years ago.  Since that time, JFON has served numerous clients.  Now, the group specializes in helping unaccompanied minors learn about and exercise their rights.  While I acknowledge that immigration is a bit controversial, as a lawyer, one thing I’m clear about is that rights matter.  When our country grants people rights, the people should be able to exercise those rights.  And that’s what JFON does — helps people exercise their rights.


  1. Free Store Austin

The Free Store is another United Methodist related non-profit that I helped start and that you have helped us support.  Like it sounds, it takes items and gives them away to anyone who needs them for free.  But the store is about much more than that. The store creates opportunities for volunteers to meet and get to know people who are very different from the volunteers.  Creating a diverse community is really what this group strives to create.

  1. Zoe Helps

Zoe is an international group that helps orphans in Africa and other countries become self-sufficient.  Zoe organizes the orphans into working groups of 60-100 kids.  The organization then trains the kids about health, entrepreneurship, and more.  Zoe also helps the kids choose and start businesses.  About 85% of the kids who complete the three year program are self-sufficient, help support other kids, and are leaders in their communities.  In the last couple of months, Zoe was named one of the 100 most innovative non-profits in the world.

  1. Seedling Foundation

The Seedling Foundation is a local non-profit that provides mentors to children whose care-givers are incarcerated.  Mentors meet with the kids once a week to check in the with the kids and to be a consistent, stabilizing force in the kids’ lives.  This is my 10th year to be a mentor through the Seedling Foundation, including my eighth year with my current mentee.  I started mentoring him in Pre-K and have now moved with him up to middle school.  I enjoy the mentoring process and encourage anyone with a little free time to get involved with Seedling.

There are many more things you’re helping us support, but these are some of the biggest.  We hope you’ll continue to think of us and refer your friends and family members so we can continue to do this good work together.


Brooks Schuelke



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