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Selfies Killing More People Than Sharks

Selfie danger is on the rise.

In mid-September, a Japanese tourist at the Taj Mahal was taking a picture of himself and fell down stairs, leading to a fatal brain injury.  In early September, a  Houston teenager was killed taking a selfie with a gun.  In August, a man was gored while trying to take a selfie during a Spanish bull run.

The website Mashable was so intrigued by the rise that they tried to compare selfie deaths to shark-related deaths.  To their surprise, so far in 2015, more people have died from selfie-related incidents (12) than from shark attacks (8).  This difference is actually likely to be bigger since selfie deaths aren’t easily tracked.

While the stories sound a little humorous, this is a serious problem.  Many places are banning selfie sticks (including the Texas State Fair, for those of you planning on venturing up there), Waterton Canyon park in Colorado has closed because people can’t stop taking selfies with bears, and the Russian interior ministry is even launching a campaign to encourage safer selfie practices.

Instead of taking a selfie, making the next time you need a picture, do it the old fashioned way — ask for help from someone around.



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