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How long do I have before I must file a wrongful death lawsuit or lose my right to do so?

In Texas, wrongful death claim may be subject to two statutes of limitations. For instance, there is the limitations period on the claim that the deceased could have filed. In most cases, that would be two years from the date of the person’s injury.

There is also a limitation period on the plaintiff’s claim for wrongful death, usually two years from the date of the death of a child, spouse or parent.

However, other time limits may exist based on particular facts of your case so it is urgent that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

If you feel you have a valid wrongful death claim, it is vitally important to speak with a qualified wrongful death attorney to understand your legal rights. Do not wait too long or run the risk of passing the acceptable filing date as laid out in the Texas Statute of Limitations.

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