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Why are trucking accidents worse than car accidents?

Trucking accidents are usually much worse than car accidents because of the weight of heavy loads trucks carry. Due to their size and weight, truck can not come to a full stop as fast as cars can. Therefore, trucking crashes tend to be worse. In addition, many large trucks also carry dangerous loads that increase the danger to other drivers on the road.

Legal weight for an eighteen-wheeler is 80,000 pounds or 40 tons. This weight calculation assumes that there are no oversize or overweight permits on a particular vehicle. In comparison, the average automobile weighs approximately 5,000 pounds.

Even a semi that is not carrying a load weighs significantly more than the average car. Without a load a semi may weigh between 16000 and 20000 pounds. In addition, the empty trailer tends to add several more tons.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 333,000 large trucks involved in wrecks in 2016.

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