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Who is responsible in a trucking accident? Would it be the trucking company or the driver or both?

The answer to this question depends on the details of the accident. Generally, if the truck driver was a cause of the wreck, your lawyer will sue the truck driver and the trucking company. Under Texas law, the trucking company is usually liable based on a theory of respondeat superior – meaning a company (the trucking company) is liable for the actions of its agents (the driver).

Additionally, trucking companies may also be liable for their own negligence that contributed to an accident. That can include having policies that make a wreck more likely, inadequate investigation into a driver’s background, inadequate supervision of drivers, inadequate training of drivers, and more.

It is critically important to get an experienced lawyer who knows these potential claims. Not pursuing the right claims can make a large difference in what evidence the jury gets to hear and thus, a big difference in your case.

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