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What can I expect after a trucking accident on the part of the at-fault party and his or her insurance company?

Expect nothing but a hard time attempting to claim compensation for your injuries. In the aftermath of an accident, the trucking company, truck owner and any involved insurance companies scramble to immediately conduct an investigation. The main goal of the investigation is to find as much information or proof to minimize their liability for the collision.

Most investigations involve a lot of highly personal, probing, invasive and detailed questions in the hopes you will make a statement about the accident that may incriminate you. They may want to record the statement and have you describe the injuries you sustained. Under no circumstances should you speak to a trucking company lawyer or to their insurance agent or agencies. They are hoping to garner information from you to use against you later. Anything you say will definitely be used against you later to dismiss, deny or diminish any claim you file.

Do not deal with insurance companies on your own. Make sure to reach out and connect with an experienced personal injury attorney with a track record in handling trucking accident cases.

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