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The injuries I received in a recent truck accident were minor and I was treated at the scene. Why would I need to contact a lawyer?

It does not matter who treated your injuries or how minor they may seem. Even if an injury looks and feels minor, internally, it may be something much worse than you may think. This is why you should go to a doctor immediately after an accident. Keep in touch with the physician and report any other complications that may turn up later. Often injuries received in a car or truck accident will manifest days or weeks later.

Be aware that if you do not seek medical attention and have a record of all aid received, treatments and possible rehabilitation, the other driver’s insurance company is going to see that in your medical records. The other driver’s insurance company wants to figure out if you were hurt in the accident or if your injuries were pre-existing. Remember that an insurance company would rather not pay out on a claim, or not pay out as much as you deserve. This is why you need an experienced and skilled car accident attorney to help you navigate your way through the nightmare of a personal injury insurance claim.

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