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Since trucking companies likely have lots of insurance does being involved in an accident with a big rig possibly mean I would obtain a larger settlement?

Truckers are regarded as professionals and as such they are mandated to take specific training to get and keep their commercial driver’s license. In Texas, they must also follow state and federal regulations at all times. If a trucker/trucking company is in violation of those rules and regulations, settlements and jury awards tend to be higher.

Insurance policy limits for commercial vehicles are higher than the $30,000 Texas minimum coverage applicable for passenger car insurance. This means there is likely more funds available to fairly compensate a victim for injuries sustained in a trucking accident.

A detailed accident investigation by an experienced trucking accident attorney may reveal the trucking company who hired the driver had profits in mind and not public safety. This would go toward proving liability which would make the truck company wholly or partially responsible for the accident.

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