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Should I trust the insurance agent who has been calling me after a truck accident?

No, do not give the other drivers insurance adjuster or agent any information about the wreck. Insurance companies are notorious for getting information from victims and then using it against them later. They twist the version of what you said and make it suit their narrative to try to reduce or deny any claims.

What many people do not realize is that in the aftermath of a truck accident, most companies have a team of attorneys on the way to the crash site. The investigators and company representatives spring into action to protect the truck driver. They are not there to take care of you or your family. They are there to find any reason they can to deny your claim or reduce it as much as possible. They try to get statements from those injured in the crash in the hopes those injured provide them with something they can use to diminish the claim. They strive to get a discounted claim approved.

Getting a discounted claim is counterintuitive in a truck accident case, as those injured in such a crash often have very serious injuries that require surgery, hospital stays, rehabilitation and so forth. If the injuries are serious enough, you may require medical care for the rest of your life. Taking a lowball offer from an insurance company would not cover your medical bills for the duration.

In essence, trucking companies and their representatives are not trying to help you get a good settlement when they contact you after the crash. Tell them to speak to your lawyer and if you do not have one when they first call, simply tell them that your lawyer is going to call them, and then hire an experienced trucking accident attorney.

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