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Should I consider a trucking company’s offer after a truck accident?

No, do not take them up on their offer. They are not trying to help you. They are trying to settle the matter for as little money as possible. This does not benefit you if you have a long recovery ahead of you. It is not their job to take care of you or your family. Instead, they aim to reduce any claim arising from the crash. They do not want to pay out what a claim may be worth because their goal is to make money, not spend it.

There have been cases where a truck company insurance adjuster contacted victims right after the crash and before the survivors had a chance to speak to a lawyer. Usually, they are striving to get a statement from you to limit future testimony about the crash and/or are attempting to get you to take a lower amount of money. Do not make any statements. Do not sign anything. Do not answer their questions. Speak to an experienced trucking accident attorney immediately, if not sooner. Protect your legal rights in the face of insurance company intimidation.

Commercial vehicle crashes often result in extremely serious injuries and may also be fatal. The injuries sustained by survivors are more serious due to the weight of impact by a very large vehicle. This results in more serious injuries, possibly even catastrophic ones, more surgery is possible, more medical expenses, and an uncertain outcome. Put another way, your future medical costs may be extremely high for you to live as best as you can with a new normal. 

If a trucking company can get you to settle fast and for a low amount, this means they reduce their exposure for medical bills that may be incurred in the future. If you were injured badly enough that it upended your whole life, you are going to need care on an ongoing basis. This is not inexpensive and why insurance companies would rather get an early settlement for a low amount. They are not interested in your well-being. They are interested in their bottom line. 

Sign nothing. Say nothing. Refer insurance companies and their attorneys to your lawyer. Do not take the first settlement offer. Discuss it with your attorney.

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