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My wife was hit by something her lawyer called a “runaway truck.” What does that mean and how does it apply to my wife’s personal injury lawsuit?

The reference by your wife’s attorney to a runaway truck means a big rig that has lost the use of its brakes while going down a hill. Larger trucks that are heavily loaded tend to have more issues with their brakes malfunctioning when stressed by repetitive use on steep hills. You may have seen runaway truck ramps at the bottom of very steep grades, heading upward and typically filled with gravel or sand to stop the truck and keep them from harming other drivers.

A runaway truck with bad brakes can often form the basis of a personal injury lawsuit. The defendant’s negligence may include failure to control the vehicle’s speed, failure to properly maintain the vehicle, a company’s failure to supervise or train the driver, and a claim that the company was negligent in its hiring of the driver.

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