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My trucking accident was serious and I may not be able to walk again. My child was badly injured as well. Who do I talk to about this?

Someone in an incident like this should speak ONLY to their personal injury truck accident attorney. They should not talk about their accident with an insurance adjuster or anyone else. They should ensure all correspondence, calls or letters are channelled through their attorney. Insurance adjusters that work for the trucking company are not one’s friends and their main focus is to limit, reduce or deny that one has a claim.

Most adjusters call an accident victim before they may have a chance to contact a lawyer. Accident victims should NOT speak to them other than to say their attorney will contact them. Instead, they should simply ask for the adjuster’s name and number and advise that their lawyer will call them.

Accident victims should NOT answer any questions a trucking adjuster asks, including any question about how they are feeling or how their children are doing. Instead, they should ask for the trucking adjuster’s business card, and tell them their lawyer will call. The reason one should say nothing is because anything one says can be twisted to be used as harmful information that can reduce one’s claim.

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