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My husband was involved in a trucking accident and died at the scene. What compensation might I expect for his wrongful death?

As with any personal injury case, each situation is different, which dictates what may be awarded in various circumstances. However, generally speaking one may be eligible for compensation for pecuniary loss (loss of the care, support, services, advice and counsel that one expects from a spouse), loss of companionship and society, mental anguish and loss of inheritance (the extra amount that one’s spouse would have contributed to one’s estate). A spouse’s estate might also be able to recover funeral and burial costs, costs of any medical care incurred before their death, and an award for any pain and mental anguish that they experienced before death.

An attorney would advise someone in this situation how to proceed to file a wrongful death lawsuit and what may be expected for compensation based on the nature of the case and the determination of liability of those involved.

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