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If I have been in an Austin truck accident, how soon do I need to hire a lawyer?

If you cannot call a trucking accident attorney yourself due to injuries, have someone call for you. It is imperative you hire a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident in order to preserve evidence at the scene. 

Typically, your lawyer will wish to ensure that evidence is not destroyed. As such, he or she will arrive at the accident scene as soon as possible to examine scuffs, skid marks, evidence of braking and other available information. An accident reconstructionist will document the visual evidence and take pictures. 

Many people do not realize that trucking companies are legally within their rights to destroy documents within days of an accident if an attorney does not send them a demand letter to not alter or destroy any evidence.

Do not deal with any insurance companies directly at any point in the process. Only deal with your attorney. He or she will take care of the insurance aspects of the accident. Trucking accidents involve complex, multi-jurisdictional issues, and your attorney will also be best prepared to handle these.

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