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I was in a bad accident with an 18-wheeler. My neighbor said I could save myself time and money by just dealing directly with the trucking company’s lawyer. Is that true?

While the option to deal with the trucking company’s insurance lawyer is open to you, here is why you do need the help of a competent trucking accident attorney. In the first place insurance companies tell accident victims they take responsibility for the accident. However, despite saying that, their actual goal is to offer as little as they can on every claim. If you have significant injuries and require long-term care, accepting a payment from the trucking company will leave you short of funds to manage your care.

The main goal of an insurance company is to dismiss, diminish or deny your claim for any reason. If an accident victim accepts a lowball payment, they cannot go back and ask for more. Insurance companies do not suggest you hire your own attorney because accident victims with legal representation are able to recover far more compensation than those without an attorney. Insurance companies suggest you handle it on your own to save them money.

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