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How are big rig drivers negligent?

A trucker can be negligent in several ways because their actions include a wider range of possible misconduct than in a typical automobile accident. Commercial truck drivers are held to a higher driving standard and expected to adhere to federal and state commercial driving rules and regulations.

Some of the more common accidents that can be caused by a negligent truck driver include failing to clear the roadway promptly, not having a wide enough radius while turning, improperly securing cargo, shifting cargo due to improper loading, and/or falling cargo due to it not being properly loaded. Any of these scenarios can result in a serious and possibly fatal accident. 

Although there is insurance coverage for situations like this, it is difficult to sort out who has insurance on what and what company covers what type of incident. Often the tangled web of insurance coverage and who holds it and for what amount is not sorted out until it goes to trial. This is due to the fact the insurance company is not obligated to tell people how much coverage is available. 

In most instances, the minimum liability limits required by all trucking companies for trucks over 10,001 pounds start at $750,000 per accident. However, that may increase according to what the driver was hauling.

The insurance maze does not stop there either. There is another form of insurance coverage for big rigs referred to as the MSC90 endorsement. This extends policyholder coverage to commercial vehicles not specifically listed on the insurance policy. Your trucking accident attorney can track all this information down to help build a case seeking compensation for your injuries.

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