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Do truckers and trucking companies have to have insurance?

Yes. Insurance is mandatory for a trucking company that operates a commercial truck in Texas. The TxDOT is in charge of regulating what type of insurance is required. So things can get rather complex in a trucking accident when it comes to insurance money being on the table. This is another reason why it is a good idea to discuss your situation with an experienced trucking accident attorney. Without an attorney involved and until a claim is filed, the other insurance company is not obligated to reveal how much coverage they have.

The usual minimum coverage is $500,000 of insurance per injury/occurrence (per collision). Often trucking companies carry more than this amount, but some carry the absolute minimum acceptable. That said, in Texas, there is the MCS 90 as well. MCS 90 it is a financial guarantee protecting the public from financial consequences of a trucking company’s failure to carry the required insurance. Your attorney can explain how this works.

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