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Can I wait to contact a trucking accident attorney until after I am out of the hospi

It would be best for your case to contact a trucking accident attorney as soon as is possible after your accident in order to preserve the evidence. In a large number of cases it is crucial to preserve and secure important evidence about the circumstances of the accident.

Your attorney, will need to determine if there were any violations of existing trucking regulations and rules. For example, if the trucker kept two sets of books documenting the number of hours on the road; one log book for actual hours and a second log boo, rpms, the number of hours driven in a day, and whether or not the trucker applied the brakes at the time of the accident. k showing industry regulated hours. Furthermore, other types evidence will also need to be obtained quickly. For example, the onboard “black box,” or a computer chip in most commercial vehicles today, needs to be recovered as it documents speed

You will need an attorney immediately following an accident, because they need to obtain evidence quickly. If you do not hire an attorney promptly your interests will not be protected, and the trucking company may try to put the truck back into service as quickly as possible, overriding the evidence needed for your case.

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