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Can I sue the truck driver that caused my accident and left me in a wheelchair?

It is likely that one of the named defendants in your lawsuit will be the driver of the truck, which was involved in the accident. However, in cases involving big rigs, more defendants can be cited in the lawsuit, such as: the trucking company owner or owners, the owner of the truck itself (if it is not owned by the driver), the owner of the load on the truck, the truck manufacturer or a truck component manufacturer and possibly the mechanic in charge of maintaining the truck.

When filing a lawsuit there are other factors to consider for example, what state did the accident occur in and what state is the trucking company based in. It is important to consider such factors, as different rules and regulations may be in play in different states. Because truck accident cases are exceedingly complex, it is best to have an experienced attorney by your side as your case moves through the legal system.

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