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Can I settle with the trucking companies and their insurance carriers after the accident?

Those involved in an accident with a big rig could settle with the trucking company and its insurance carrier, but this is usually not in their best interests. Trucking company insurance carriers and adjusters only want to minimize any claims they receive and work to dismiss, deny or diminish them. Those representatives work for the trucking company, not the victim of the accident, and do not have their best interests in mind. Victims get more compensation for their injuries by taking the case to court for a just and equitable award.

Never give the trucking company or its insurance carrier a statement of any kind and never sign any releases for employment or medical records. If the victim signs a medical release the adjustor gets to talk to their doctor without anyone else being present.

Be aware that once an accident has been reported to the trucking company, they send out their accident investigators to inspect the crash site. They immediately begin to build a defense, and it is not uncommon for crucial evidence to go missing at crash sites or be destroyed. If someone has been in an accident involving a large commercial truck, reach out to talk to a skilled trucking accident attorney as soon as possible. Evidence preservation is critical.

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