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An insurance representative for the trucking company called me and said they were willing to offer me a settlement. Do I agree to take the settlement?

No, do not agree to take any settlement from an insurance company. Speak to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney before you make any decisions or take any money from an insurance company. Insurance companies are not your friends and neither are insurance adjusters. The main goal of an insurance company adjustor is to diminish, dismiss, suggest the crash had no adverse affect on you, or deny a claim and/or pressure you into accepting the lowest amount possible, even if your injuries are catastrophic.

The insurance company is about one thing and one thing only, keeping as much money as possible for the insurance company. In a trucking accident, insurance adjustors are working for the trucking company and want to pay out as little as possible. Your injuries are not their concern. The bottom line is retaining as much cash as possible for the company no matter what the circumstances.

If you are contacted by an insurance adjuster, just tell them to contact your personal injury attorney. Do not speak to them beyond that. Do not give them statements. Do not agree to an interview with them.

Do not agree to talk to them on the phone and have the session recorded. Always tell them to contact your lawyer.

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