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Am I supposed to talk to the trucking company’s lawyer and insurance people?

No. You do not need to speak to the trucking company’s lawyers or insurance company. In fact, say nothing at all to them other than directing them to speak to your attorney. Anything you say can and will be used against you later in order to dismiss, diminish or deny your accident and injury claim.

Do not sign any documents, allow any phone conversations to be taped or admit to anything if a trucking company representative, a lawyer or an insurance agent approaches you. They are not your friends and seek to trip you up in your description of the accident, find out if you have a pre-existing injury to disqualify you from compensation and make your claim appear to be frivolous and insignificant.

Refer all overtures from an insurance company to your lawyer. Your attorney has the experience to deal with insurance companies that would rather you settled for less than you are entitled to in order to make you go away and shrug off full responsibility for the accident.

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