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Who does the insurance policies cover?

Generally speaking, most insurance policies cover you and your family and people driving your car, provided they have your permission to do so. However, do not automatically assume that is the case. Ask the insurance broker what your policy “does” cover and what it “does not” cover. This is an important question because coverages can vary by policy and also depend on what you choose.

For instance, most insurance policies do cover fire damage to your vehicle, hail, flood, theft, hitting an animal and flying gravel. They also cover crashes that happen while you or another person covered by your policy is driving a rental vehicle. Most also cover collisions while driving in another state and in Canada as well as attorney’s fees should you be sued as a result of an accident. Most policies also pay for lost wages, car repairs, medical and funeral costs to the other driver and passengers if you are responsible for the collision.

Most insurance policies do “not” cover accidents if you are being paid for driving for a ride-sharing company, or delivering food or other items. Most insurance policies do not cover equipment permanently installed in your vehicle or accidents that happen in Mexico, are racing or are driving for a business. They also do not cover damages that were intentionally caused.

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