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What do I do if the insurance company representative contacts me?

Under no circumstances should you discuss your accident with an insurance company representative. If they contact you, refer them to your attorney and leave it at that. They should never call you directly but are adept at getting a claimant to settle early under pressure from the company. If you do not have an attorney when they call you, say you are in the process of hiring one and have nothing to say to them. Let them know the attorney is going to handle your case and call them.

Do not discuss the accident, your injuries, your past accidents or other injuries you may have had, or any other insurance claims you may have had. Do not post anything on social media. Do not post pictures of your accident or comment on it in any way. Do not continue the conversation with the other side’s insurance company once you have stated you have or are hiring an attorney.

If you do not have an attorney, reach out to Schuelke Law for your free initial consultation and case evaluation. During this appointment, you can freely discuss your accident. Your attorney will evaluate the situation and tell you if you have a legitimate case. From there, you can discuss how to proceed. 

While there is a possibility of the case going to court, many settle out of court. Approximately 2 percent of all personal injury cases end up going to trial. Each case is different. While some may settle quickly, others can take a long time to reach an equitable conclusion. Your attorney will keep you up to date on all information as it arises.