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How do I know if I have a personal injury claim?

It is difficult to know if you have a claim unless you speak with an attorney. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate your claim, assess what happened, the injuries, and the possibility of filing a claim. 

There are many factors to consider. For instance, was there negligence involved, how serious are your injuries, have you had to take time off work, can you return to work but in a reduced earning capacity, are your injuries going to require surgery or perhaps long-term care? These factors determine whether you can file for compensation for your injuries.

Filing a claim does not involve knowing how much the claim is worth. Each case is different. Every injury is different. Healing for each person is different. The outcome of every accident is also different. There is no way to determine a specific amount you may receive. 

For example, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, short-term medical costs, emotional anguish, long-term medical expenses, and pain and suffering. You could also be awarded punitive damages should your case go to court. A personal injury attorney can evaluate your claim and estimate what you may be entitled to. The outcome may be something entirely different. 

Insurance companies are typically involved in personal injury accidents, and they may offer an early settlement. Our best advice is not to accept an early settlement, as the insurance company is never looking out for your best interests. They are looking out for their bottom line. They may offer a settlement much lower than what your claim is worth, hoping that you’ll take the amount before you talk to a lawyer and know your rights. No matter how kind and sympathetic they may sound, they would rather not pay out on claims if they can help it. Accepting an early settlement from an insurance company may mean you have given up your rights to fair and equitable compensation for your injuries. 

To get a fair settlement from an insurance company, hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer deals with the insurance company and works to ensure you receive the proper compensation.