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Stages Of A Personal Injury Claim:
The Investigation & Healing Stage

In most cases, our clients come in to see us shortly after their accident.

Both of us have jobs at that point.

You get better and document injuries

You have two main jobs: to get better and to document your injuries. You get better by going to your medical providers, following their advice, and doing what is necessary to get better.

You document your injuries by taking photos that help show your injuries. These may include photos of your injuries or photos of your car, for example. You also help document your injuries by keeping a journal for us telling us about your every day struggles with coping with your injuries.

We take the pressure off you and investigate your claim

During this time, we primarily have two jobs: First, we’ll contact the other side to let them know that we’re involved so they’ll quit contacting you.

Additionally, we’ll investigate your claim. In a simple car wreck case, that might just mean getting the accident report and going to the scene to verify what happened. In more complicated cases, it might mean going ahead and hiring experts to start preparing the liability.

This phase generally lasts until you get better or you get to a point where your doctor tells you you’re not going to get better. While there are exceptions, it’s generally a bad idea to try and settle your claim without knowing your prognosis.

So that’s usually the first stage in claim. Once you’ve healed or made as much progress as you’re going to make, we move on to the second stage, preparing for pre-litigation settlement negotiations.


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