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Basic stages of a personal injury claim

We know that if you've been injured, you want to know what you're in for.  Here are short articles describing the major phases of most personal injury claims.  Obviously, each claim is different so your claim might not follow the process step-by-step, but these are a general rule that should help you with a basic understanding of the process.

Injury Claim Stage One: The Investigation and Healing Stage

Injury Claim Stage Two:  Gathering Records and Negotiation

Injury Lawsuit Stage One:  Filing of the Petition, Service, and the Answer

Injury Lawsuit Stage Two: Written Discovery

Injury Lawsuit Stage Three:  Depositions

Injury Lawsuit Stage Four:  Mediation

Injury Lawsuit Stage Four:  Trial

Injury Lawsuit Stage Four: Trial part 2 --- The Jury Questions  (it's important to know what questions are asked to understand what elements of damages may be recovered and how your claim is valued)

Injury Lawsuit Special Issue -- Resolving the Claims of Minors

Holding Wrongdoers Accountable

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