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Premises liability cases are the result of injuries on others' property.

The most popular types of premises liability claims occur when you trip or slip and fall on something in a walkway.

Premises Liability

Premises liability claims — claims made when you are injured by a dangerous condition on someone else's property — are all too common. The most popular types of premises liability claims occur when you trip or slip and fall on something in a walkway ---  a wet spot that wasn't mopped up, a crack in a sidewalk, an unrepaired dock or walkway, or some other object that impedes a walkway.

But they don't have to be walking hazards. You could have a premises liability claim if you're shopping at a store and something falls off a shelf and hits you. Other popular forms of premises liability claims can occur when you are injured by defective or unsafe stairways, unsafe swimming pool conditions, some type of building collapse, a fire in a building, improper sprinkler systems or other fire-prevention measures, unsafe waterpark or amusement park rides, or claims where the property owner knew that there was a significant risk of crime but failed to take sufficient security related steps. The possibilities for dangerous conditions on property are endless.

However, these claims are also potentially very difficult. It seems that every year the Texas Supreme Court is adding more and more roadblocks to defeat these claims. But we continue to fight for those injured in premises liability claims. For example, we recently resolved a case where the client’s prior lawyer had sat on the case for almost ten years. By pushing the case and hiring good experts, we were able to achieve what we thought was an excellent recovery.

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Holding Wrongdoers Accountable

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