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Legal Malpractice University

I have the pleasure of teaching a class on legal malpractice at Solo Practice University.  Solo Practice University is the brainchild of Susan Cartier Liebel, a former law professor at Quinnipiac University School of Law.

Law school is great for teaching you how to think like a lawyer.  But it does a poor job of teaching you how to BE a lawyer.  And that's where Solo Practice University comes in.

Solo Practice University is an online "school" that seeks to fill this gap by having lawyers and other faculty members from across the country teach lawyers how to be lawyers.  There are generally two types of classes.  First, there are substantive classes, such as my class on legal malpractice, that teach lawyers about different areas of the law --- and not just theory that we learned in law school, but how to actually practice in those areas.  Second, there are administrative classes --- how to run the books, marketing, etc. that are necessary for the administration of a law firm.

One of the neat things that Solo Practice University let the "faculty" do was choose how we wanted to produce our classes.  After much contemplation, I chose to have video lectures.  This meant that the Solo Practice University students could watch the videos at any time of the day, and it also means that I can use that video here to help non-lawyers who find themselves in the middle of a legal malpractice case (or who are just interested in these things) to take advantage of the information.

So I have put those videos up on this site.

When watching the videos, please keep in mind that it's just me.  All of the recording and editing was done at the office or at my house with me and my camcorder, and all of the editing was done by me.   And clearly there was a learning curve on how to do this; I think the later videos were better than the early ones.  In fact, I even hesitated putting the videos up because the early quality just isn't that great.  But ultimately, at the risk of embarrassing myself,  I opted to go ahead and put them up because I think the information is important and might help some people understand the process.

So you can find my videos for Prosecuting and Defending (and Avoiding) Legal Malpractice Claims below.  There are several classes and each class is made up of several videos.  They'll be here so watch them at your leisure.

Holding Wrongdoers Accountable

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