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Brain Injury Symptoms Article Series

When you or a loved one has a head injury, it's critically important to know the symptoms of the injury.  Therefore, we've devoted a number of our blog posts to recognizing those symptoms. Below are links to a quick chart that outlines symptoms and then links to a larger series that talks about more symptom areas in detail:

Quick and Easy Symptom Chart

Thinking/ Remembering
  • Difficulty thinking clearly
  • Feeling slowed down
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty remembering new information


Cognitive Impairments

The first set of symptoms that many people notice are the cognitive symptoms...

Behavioral and Emotional Symptoms

You may only realize that you or a family member has a brain injury because you notice changes in you or your family member’s behavior or emotional status...

Neurological Disorders (Seizures, Movement Issues, Fatigue, etc.)

There are a number of neurological symptoms of brain injuries that, though sometimes rare, can be extremely traumatic for the injured person....

Pain Disorders

Problems with pain are common following brain injuries....

Speech and Language Problems

Unfortunately,  brain injuries often affect a victim’s ability to communicate. These are not only scary problems to encounter, but they can greatly affect the victim’s quality of life going forward...

Balance, Dizziness, Smelling, Taste, Hearing & Sight Issues

These are the final common symptoms on my list.  They seem unrelated, but they’re all related to a change in the senses...

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