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Why is traumatic brain injury (TBI) called a silent injury?

Traumatic brain injury is referred to as a silent injury because in many cases, although not all, there are no visible signs that indicate trauma. TBI is similar to whiplash, where the damage is internal and not readily seen. It is also not uncommon for a brain injury to not be seen on MRI or CT results.

The first challenge is recognizing the injuries of a traumatic brain injury. Often, doctors do not have a good baseline to know what you were like before or after the incident. As a result, many brain injuries go undiagnosed.

The second important difficulty with whiplash and some TBI cases is proving the injury exists and demonstrating how it affects the victim on a daily basis. Medical records and treatment plans for injuries such as these are crucial to obtaining fair and equitable compensation as the result of a personal injury accident. Traumatic brain injury cases are highly complex and it is best to work with an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney.

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