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The doctor says my prognosis after my traumatic brain injury is uncertain at this point. What does that mean?

The prognosis for your brain injury is typically determined by a number of things, including the location of the trauma, the size and the severity of the damage and the length and seriousness of any injury that you may have sustained.

Generally speaking, the worse a traumatic brain injury is, the longer the period of recovery and the more long-term effects are likely to be present. This is important information to know when speaking to an attorney, as it determines the amount of compensation that may be obtained to ensure ongoing treatment.

There are different stages in brain injury recovery, for example during the initial stages of treating a traumatic brain injury (TBI) the focus is on saving the person’s life. What follows is usually chronic care that requires a variety of rehabilitative medical technologies to aid the recovering victim. The rehab goal for those recovering from TBI is to overcome, minimize or work through disabilities to live as independently as possible. Sometimes, that may mean therapy and work to actually heal the brain, but sometimes it means therapy to help teach you coping mechanisms to better live with your injuries.

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