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My son plays high school football and has been knocked out several times. The doctor thinks he has a traumatic brain injury. He was wearing a helmet. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible that your son has sustained a traumatic brain injury despite the fact that he was wearing a helmet. Even though helmets are designed to minimize blows to the head, they cannot and do not protect against all types blows to the head during play. Thus, it is not only possible for someone to sustain a head injury while wearing a helmet it has turned out to be more common than once thought. One only has to look to the National Football League to get a good idea of the extent of traumatic brain injury that numerous players sustained as a result of multiple concussions.

If your son was not told the risks of playing football, even while wearing a helmet, and was not appropriately treated as a result of being hit in the head, you may have a good case against the school and the team coach. When in doubt, reach out to speak with a knowledgeable brain injury attorney to find out what your rights are and how to file a lawsuit if you wish to recover compensation such injuries.

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