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I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver and hit my head on the windshield. The doctors say I have a concussion. How long does it take to recover from a concussion, and how would that affect any lawsuit I may file?

Recovering from a concussion depends in large part on the severity of the injury, and for each person, the recovery period is different. Furthermore, there are different levels of severity of concussions. For example, mild traumatic brain injuries are often difficult to diagnose because it is common for CT scans/MRIs to come back normal. However, this in no way means you did not sustain a head injury. Moreover, regardless of the severity of a concussion, some symptoms may not always be immediately present. Many symptoms may show up days after the injury occurred.

The treatment of your concussion will be affected by the severity of the injury. Therefore, the more severe your head injury, the longer the recovery process will take. The severity of your injury will determine the financial compensation available to you in court. So, if the prognosis for your recovery is optimistic, it may lower the financial compensation awarded. Guessing how a concussion affects someone and how they are going to recover is difficult. Even an experienced attorney can only estimate possible compensation based on the facts of the case and the medical diagnosis.

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