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I was hit by an 18-wheeler and diagnosed with, among other things, traumatic brain injury. Would I be able to file a lawsuit?

Before you file a traumatic brain injury, you first need to confirm your injury was caused by a trauma to the head. If you have sustained a serious jolt or blow to the head and you are experiencing some unusual symptoms, you should consult with a doctor about the possibility of having a traumatic brain injury. If it is confirmed by a physician that you do have traumatic brain injury and it was likely as a result of your accident, you should be able to file a lawsuit.

Some symptoms that may signal a traumatic brain injury may include, but not be limited to the following:

  • more forgetful about appointments, names, things you said and numbers
  • difficulty following the thread of conversations
  • difficulty remembering what a speaker said
  • difficulty understanding a movie plot
  • difficulty concentrating to read
  • forgetting what you read
  • getting lost easily
  • using different words than you think you used
  • difficulty learning new tasks, remembering familiar ones

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Holding Wrongdoers Accountable

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