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How is anyone gong to believe me that I have sustained a concussion when one day I am my old self and then next I am right back where I was when I was first got injured? Should I just tough it out?

In part, concussions are a bit like whiplash and are often referred to as “silent injuries” or “invisible injuries” because they are not outright visible. Even if your concussion is a silent one, the medical evidence should be enough to convince anyone of your injury. The medical exams and doctor diagnosis will back up your claim. In addition, you will likely have other witnesses who can testify about the problems caused by your concussion.

It is important to remember that recovery from a traumatic brain injury, no matter what category it may be in, takes time. Instead of toughing it out, it is best to follow your doctor’s orders. Over taxing your brain can greatly slowdown your recovery. The best course is to follow what your doctor and listen to your body.

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