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Why do I need a car accident attorney?

One of the top reasons you need a car accident lawyer is to help you deal with insurance companies. They attempt to minimize or dismiss your claim to save money. If you have serious injuries, having your claim reduced or denied is a setback.

Other good reasons to hire an attorney include:

  • Reliable legal advice: Hiring a Texas car accident attorney gets you straightforward answers right away to important questions, such as “Whose insurance is going to pay for this?” and “Can I get compensation to pay my medical bills?”
  • At-fault insurance guidance: Texas is an at-fault state. The driver who causes an accident uses his or her insurance to pay for the other driver’s bills. Texas is also a “comparative fault” state. Each driver has to take financial responsibility if he or she is more than 50 percent at fault. Most drivers carry liability insurance for this.
  • Dealing with insurance companies: Do not speak to anyone about your accident without the advice of a Texas car accident attorney. They take care of everything that needs to be done between your insurance company and any other driver’s insurance company.
  • Reconstructing the crash: Some accidents have to be reconstructed to find out who was at fault and how the collision happened. Your Texas car accident lawyer handles arranging this.
  • Evaluating the severity and type of your injuries: A Texas car accident attorney is trained to evaluate your medical expenses, other damages and, your medical documentation. Insurance companies often contest the amount of compensation.
  • Making sure compensation from the insurance company is prompt: many insurance companies are known to wait as long as they can to pay out on a claim or court award. A Texas car accident lawyer expedites payment.
  • Trial versus negotiating a settlement: not all car accident claims go to trial. Many are settled through pre-trial settlement negotiations. Accident survivors have no experience assessing their injuries and what they may be worth. A Texas car accident attorney is a skilled negotiator.
  • Trial support if required: some car accident cases do go to trial and you need a Texas car accident attorney to speak for you. The insurance company has their lawyers there and you need an attorney to represent your interests.
  • Who was liable for the accident: it may seem clear who caused the car accident but the other party or parties and their insurance companies may not agree. A Texas car accident attorney determines who is at fault by hiring a professional investigator and/or visiting the crash scene to gather evidence.
  • Medical terms are difficult for a layperson: A Texas car accident attorney is highly competent when using medical terminology, explaining ow your injuries are affecting your life and outlining the financial impacts. Representing yourself may cost you thousands of dollars.

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