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What do I do after a car accident?

An accident can happen to anyone. Nationwide, millions are injured in car wrecks and in Texas. In 2019 there were 19,506 serious crashes in Texas, with 30,992 people seriously injured. There were 3,722 deaths.

You may have serious injuries after a crash, and if you have passengers, they may be hurt badly or possibly dead. You need to try and accomplish some steps to protect yourself and your legal rights while you are at the scene of the crash.

Steps to follow after a crash

  • Stop the vehicle
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident.
  • Check yourself and your passengers
  • Is the driver of the other vehicle ok
  • If injuries are minor, move your vehicle to the side of the road.
  • Call the police. Get the accident report written at the crash scene.
  • If you do not get a report at the scene, your attorney can track it down
  • Get insurance and contact information from all drivers
  • Give other drivers your insurance and contact information.
  • If there are eyewitnesses get as much information from them as you can so your attorney can contact them later
  • Report the accident to your insurance company
  • Do not answer any questions from “any” insurance adjuster. Only speak with an attorney
  • Take pictures of the accident, the other cars, their locations, the damage to your vehicle and others, the roadway, any debris in the road, road condition and other elements in the area
  • Get to a doctor as soon as you can to establish a written record of the accident and any injuries sustained.
  • Detail all injuries to your physician.
  • Take pictures of all injuries.
  • Keep detailed records of all medical expenses

To protect your legal rights after you have been involved in a Texas car crash remember these three tips:

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