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My insurance company is offering me a settlement as the result of an accident I was involved in. Should I take it?

It’s not unusual for auto collision victims to get very fast settlement offers from insurance companies. Proceed with extreme caution. This is a well-known tactic to attempt to talk you into settling for less than your claim may actually be worth. For example, in 2016, we had a case where the insurance company tried to settle the client’s claim for $450.00. We eventually settled with that defendant by the insurance company tendering its policy limits of $15,000.00. While this disparity is unusual, it’s an example of how insurance companies will take advantage of you.

Accepting the offer right away means that you will not have the option to ask for additional compensation at a later date, should you discover your injuries require more healing than you first thought or if the damage to your vehicle is greater than anticipated.

You are not obligated to accept any offers from an insurance company. If you do receive a call regarding early settlement, make sure to connect with an experienced personal injury attorney first and find out what your claim is actually worth, versus what the insurance company is suggesting you settle for as soon as possible.

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