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My daughter was in a car accident and the police told her she was responsible for the accident. The insurance company said she was not. What factors deem someone responsible for a car accident?

Generally speaking, there are official laws, regulations and various guidelines laid out on how to drive and how to figure out who is liable for an accident. These are the rules and guidelines we all learn in driver’s education classes.

These rules, policies and guidelines are also enshrined in every state’s vehicle code and they apply to motorcycles, pedestrians, autos and bicycles.

Despite these rules and regulations though, in many car wrecks, who is at fault does not have a clear answer. And often, police officers, who may not even have talked to both parties, get it wrong. In order to determine liability and responsibility or to discuss the common factors in these decisions, call an experienced auto accident attorney. Each situation is different and your lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case to determine how best to proceed.

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