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I was involved in a bad accident when another vehicle rear-ended me. I’ve been getting phone calls from the other party’s insurance adjuster. What do I tell them?

What you say to an insurance adjuster may vary depending on your auto insurance plan. Your own company may be obligated to pay compensation for vehicle damage. The first thing you need to do when in an accident is report the incident to your insurance broker as soon as possible, no matter who you feel was at fault for the accident.

If the other party’s insurance adjuster is attempting to get you to talk to them, our best advice is to refer them to your attorney. If you have not called an attorney, it is a good idea to do so and fill the attorney in on the circumstances of the accident. As for the other driver’s insurance company, they have one main goal, and that is to not pay out a significant damage claim. Anything you say to them can be misconstrued and you could end up having your claim reduced or denied. Speak only to your own car accident attorney who can fill you in on your legal rights and how to respond to other insurance adjusters.

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