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I think I was partly to blame for my car accident. How does that affect my case?

People who have been involved in car accidents are usually not in the best position to be able to assess how or why an accident happened. If you accept blame and apologize to the other driver before you have spoken to an attorney, your words may be used as evidence against you at trial.

There are multiple reasons for car accidents and they do not always include the driver. An example may be a malfunctioning traffic light, defective tires on your vehicle or a drunk driver. The determination of who caused the accident and liability is something best left to an independent party such as your attorney or a judge.

If you are found to be partly responsible for the wreck, then when the judge awards the damages, the judge will reduce the jury’s award by the percentage of responsibility the jury places on you. Having said that, in most cases, if the jury finds you are 51 percent or more responsible, then you are barred from making any recovery at all.

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