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I really need to get on with my life after my accident. How long does it take for accident claim to be settled or go to court?

It is difficult to say precisely how long it takes for an accident claim to be settled or go to court, as the circumstances and case facts are different for each situation. Some injury claims may be dealt with in a matter of a few weeks, or it may take months to come to some type of agreement for a settlement or to bring a case to trial. It is not unheard of that cases may take a year or longer to be resolved depending on the complexity of the case.

If you choose to accept a settlement offer prior to your case going to trial, it may reduce the amount of time spent on your claim. While you may resolve things quickly by taking a settlement, you should be aware that settling early might reduce that amount offered. No injury claim should be settled until the full extent of injuries and damages are known.

If there are serious personal injuries involved, your case may take quite some time to be resolved for two reasons: the complexity of the issues involved and the fact that the full extent of personal injuries may not be known for some time.

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