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I have been involved in a collision. Is there anything I can do to protect or preserve the evidence?

Yes, there are things that you may do to preserve evidence. However, people who have just been involved in a car wreck are often in shock and the last thing they think to do is write down the details of the accident.

That being said, it is critical to the lawsuit that you may file later that you do take steps, such as take notes and take pictures to preserve evidence. This important documentation helps you to receive fair and equitable compensation for damages from an at-fault driver.

Take pictures of the accident scene, any personal injuries and vehicular damage. Make a note of anything you may think of that would assist an accident reconstruction specialist determine what happened. For example, take photos of skid marks, road conditions, the surrounding landscape, position of other vehicles and signage.

Write down anything you cannot take a picture of and make sure you get a copy of the police incident report. Go to your physician and keep a log of all injuries, along with pictures. Keep torn clothing and even damaged vehicle parts and do not repair your vehicle until you are certain enough photos have been taken of the damage done to your vehicle.

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